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Smart transport infrastructure
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A real-time cloud software for optimizing transportation.

Driver App

GPS Data

Traffic Information

GPS Data
Traffic Information

Cloud Backend

Traffic light state

Traffic light state

Traffic Light

Some vehicles run the driver app which sends their GPS coordinates to Greengo.
Greengo computes optimized traffic lights based on the estimated traffic.
Connected traffic lights display the optimized values from Greengo, Vehicles receive those informations and more in real-time.


Stop wasting time on the road, start enjoying life.
Faster Commutes

Finally, intelligent traffic lights become reality! Stop spending time at the red light when there is no one around.

Greengo optimizes traffic lights so that traffic flow is maximized, thus making commutes faster.

Environment and Public Health Friendly

Wasting less time on the road means consumming less gas. This has two main benefits. First it reduces car-generated pollution which is good for the planet.

And second, it improves the air quality in your city reducing pollution-related health hazards.

Spare Money, Both Public and Private

On one hand drivers spend less on gas/electricity. On the other hand states are provided with highly accurate data for efficient policy making.

Because phones can also display the next traffic light state, traffic lights might become superfluous altogether.

Be Future-Proof

Autonomous cars are coming to our streets and there is a lot of potential if we integrate them well in our traffic system. Greengo makes it a breeze to send autonomous vehicles all traffic-related information.

The system can be extended in many ways to make your city even smarter, e.g. automated parking payments or driver warning for incoming emergency vehicles.

Even More Benefits

Prioritize public transportation
Real-time traffic jam information
Emergency messages for natural hazards or emergency services


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